Robin Williams Plays BF2!

December 14, 2005

A lot of celebrity gaming relevations this week – apparantly Bill Gates plays a lot of World Of Warcraft, but more interestingly, Robin Williams plays my favorite game, Battlefield 2. Since we both live in North Bay, there’s a good chance I’ve played in a game with him at some point.

Turns out he likes playing as a sniper. Myself, I was Special Forces and Anti-tank in BF2, but now with the new Special Forces mod I like playing as Assault, Medic, Anti-tank, and yes sometimes even sniper.


Bond Girl was Dude!

December 14, 2005

Turns out one of the chicks from ‘For Your Eyes Only’ was previously a man.

I guess this isnt new news but first I’ve heard of it.

DaVinci Code Trailer

December 14, 2005

Even available in 1080p!

(I’m still downloading 😦 )

UT 2007 Screenshots

December 14, 2005

Looks great!

I joined MySpace – but whyyyy?

December 14, 2005

I signed up for a account today, just out of personal curiosity and because I am sick of hearing about it.

I have no idea why MySpace has suddenly eclipsed Friendster , it seems Friendster had a huge head start population-wise, and MySpace seems to look a even lamer.

Perhaps there is some key feature the kids dig, they seem to drive these sites. I dont know what that feature is yet. Let me know if you do.

New WordPress Blog

December 14, 2005

This is my new blog. I have worked with WordPress on my own server before, but didnt like taking care of it. I am really glad Workpress has free hosting now, much better.